Thank You Volunteers & Donors

Wouldn't be here without your dedication and generosity.

Why The Need?

Because you are part of what makes a difference!

You are important

Our volunteers are very important to us because without them we cannot achieve our mission!  We rely on volunteer participation in roles, including administrative, fundraising, events, planning and some we may not have even realized we need yet!

Your Kind Hearts Matter

Because we are a 100% volunteer operated organization, understandably, we are always in need of help. If you are passionate about helping us help families who need compassion and support, then we have a place for you.

Donor Impact

Most of us are challenged daily with family, jobs and other commitments. But imagine hearing the words "I'm sorry, your child has cancer." As costs in everyday items like gas and food continue to increase, the need for funding increase along with them.  

Our mission to help families in need couldn't be made possible with the support and generosity of our


The purpose of this organization is to do whatever we can to ease even a small piece of that burden on the families. Volunteering, prayer, matter the gift, we need your help to make it happen!

We are off to a great start. To get there it taks help from you, our community.

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Volunteering is an important part of any organization. Your help is crucial to our mission.

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Will you Help us Take Down Cancer?

Dealing with cancer is a journey that shouldn’t be something children and families do alone. With your help we can provide much-needed resources for these awesome kids. The best part is that your contributions help children right in your community.

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